And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



Immediately you can tell someone has been here. There’s ashes in the fireplace, crumbs on the coffee table, and a couch sitting right in front of it. Do you wish to stay?

"Hello!?" I call, nervous. Still in Nalin’s arms, we carefully walked all over the room, checking every nook and cranny for people. Eventually we deemed it empty- but someone had been here already. "They seem to be gone," I said, looking around nervously. "But they made a fire, whoever it was." 

Nalin gently sat me down on the couch and I laid on my back, looking up at him. “Ready to fix me up?” I said with a little smile.

After lugging Alaska all around the house, I laid her carefully on the sofa in front of the fire. I nod, silently thanking the universe for the medical supplies and the knowledge necessary to do this.

I take off her shoes and socks while sliding her pant leg up her calf so that area around the bite was clear. I fish out an apple from her pack and hand it to her. “Maybe a little distraction?” I say before adding, “Here, hold your knife and look out for anybody coming. Watch my back.” I hand her the knife as well and set about work.

While I was fixing her up, I was reminded of how little time we have left. If that dog had aimed any higher, she might not have made it or would have had to have some more serious medicine. When I finished I pulled a chair across the room to sit beside her. “Any better?” I ask, running my fingers through my hair.

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



My eyes widened at the contents of pack 9. “Nalin, medical supplies,” I breathed. I looked down at my ankle, throbbing. I didn’t know what infections that dog could’ve had. The bandage was small but we could reinforce it with clothing. But what if there was rope for nets or a full first-aid kit in another case?

Then again… what if it never got more useful than this?

"We’ll take it," I said, my voice more confident than I expected. 

Confetti sprays as Caesar claps and the girl presents you with your chosen case. And as quickly as they had appeared, the holograms are gone. The rest of the cases have disappeared. The house goes black and you’re left holding your case in the dark… but not for long. 

You’re immediately dispelled from the house and as you stand on the porch and you see a glow in the window. You smell smoke. The house is on fire! I guess that’s it for this game house… no one else can play Deal or No Deal! You better run and find a safe place to bandage Alaska up!

"Whoa." I grab the case and smile at the girl, but before she could react the model disappeared. So did the lights, the cases, and Caesar. It’s pitch black, but I reach around for Alaska and pick her up. I was ready to explore the house more when a sudden wind pushes the two of us out of the house.

I hold onto Alaska tight, making sure she lands on top of me so her ankle doesn’t get any more hurt. I sniff the air and smell something burning. I look towards the house seeing flames lick the windows and walls. Before anything else bad happens, I pick Alaska up, making sure we have all our supplies, and run towards the house next door - lucky number 13.

With Alaska on my back and the hammer in my hand, I slowly push the door open, hoping maybe for another safe house or even just a couch.

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



I raised an eyebrow. “We don’t even have a crossbow,” I commented, shaking my head no. “We’ll pick another one, please and thank you.” 

I studied the cases, chewing my lip. “Number Six please, Caesar,” I asked, hoping this was a bit more promising.

Caesar smiles at you and turns to the girl with the 6th case. She nods and opens up the case gracefully, revealing a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Caesar licks his lips and says, “mmmmm, that looks good, right?” 

Time to decide again. Do you want the food or another case?

The peanut butter looked tempting; it was one of my favourite foods as a kid. But, no we had too much food already. “I’m pretty full right now Caesar, so I’m going to say no.” I wave goodbye to the girl and scan the line for any other girls - I mean cases - that look interesting.

"How about you?" I point to case Number 9, smiling at the model that held it. I nod at Alaska, "I think this is a good one."

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



A game to get sponsor gifts- our luck had finally improved! Nalin settled me down in a chair in front of Caesar and I barely felt the pain through my pure excitement. This could be the good fortune we’d been searching for!

I watched the models appear, looking up at Nalin who looked a little too happy to see them. “Down, boy,” I teased, looking back to the cases. 

"Caesar, let’s start with case number 7, please!" I said, clasping my hands in my lap. 

The model holding the 7th case giggles as Caesar points to her. She opens the case to reveal a sleeping bag. 

"Alright, kids, what’ll it be? Keep it or pick another case?" he asks.

I blushed when Alaska caught me looking at those girls. “Shut up,” I say sheepishly. The cases could hold all kinds of treasure, but the one that Alaska picked didn’t have exactly what we wanted.

"I think we’ll choose a different one, Caesar. How bout number 4?" I say, pointing to the case that a beautiful auburn-haired girl was holding.

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



"Don’t be," I said shakily, my ankle throbbing. "Not your fault. I don’t know how I was so stupid…" He lifted me and the pack into his arms with ease and carried me downstairs, laying me down next to the shredded couch we saw when we entered. 

I winced as he picked up my foot, examining it. “I’m sure I’ll live,” I said dryly, holding back tears. This was not good and we both knew it. We had no medical supplies, no sponsors, nothing. If we didn’t find something soon, I could die. He bandaged my foot with a piece of his shirt and I let out a soft cry as it wrapped up tight. I nodded, letting Nalin pull me onto his back.

"Where to?" I asked, clinging tightly to him, my weapons haphazardly stuck out of the pack. Nalin left the house, walked south down the road and approached house 12. He slowly entered, both of us praying it wasn’t something awful. The house looked like it’d been occupied previously, but we still hoped for a safe place.

You walk into the house and its dark. Silent even. Cautiously, you continue forward and as soon as you shut the door behind you, a bright light flashes on. Music starts playing. You blink and suddenly Caesar Flickerman is standing in front of you. There’s a mix in his hand and he welcomes you to the second Arena Sponsor Mini Game! This house’s game is Deal or No Deal!

If you choose to play, you could earn a chance to ask your sponsor for anything! If you don’t have a sponsor, you can still get something… but you have to win first!

Alaska and Nalin, are you ready to play Deal or No Deal???

I made my way down the street to house 12, treading silently and carefully so that Alaska wouldn’t be in pain. I opened up the door quietly and slipped in the house my hammer ready. I walk forwards to see what lies inside, but suddenly a bright light shines down on the two of us.

A mini game? We could win something? “Maybe we could get something for your foot.” I whisper to Alaska. I deposit Alaska into a chair that sits next to the door and pull it forward.

We face Caesar and I smile, “We are ready!”

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2


I let out a cry as the dog bit into my ankle, latched onto my leg with its teeth. I went down hard, thankfully missing the dog poop on the ground. The beast snarled in my face, leaping up onto my chest and pinning me straight into the ground.

I heard thumping and howling from behind me as I stabbed at the dog with my butcher knife, the blade piercing into its neck finally as the creature slumped down on top of me, pinning me under its weight. I struggled to push it off, shaking in terror. 

My foot throbbed and I couldn’t even look at it. I was terrified, who knew how bad the injury was? I might have just kissed any chance I had at leaving goodbye. I heard a final howl and thump as Nalin killed the second dog and heard him running toward me. Helpless as a newborn, I wordlessly slipped out of my pack for Nalin to carry and then held my arms out to him, knowing I’d be faster to be carried than to hobble along.

I killed the dogs with ease, slaying the last one with a big hit to the chest. I took a big breath before running back up the stairs to Alaska. I looked down at her, my eyebrows scrunching up. “I’m sorry,” I say as I pick her up and bring her downstairs to the bottom floor. I lay her down on the ground and run back up the stairs for her pack and my weapon.

"You okay?" I ask quietly as I examine her foot. It’s not too bad, but I don’t have any supplies to try and fix her up. I take off all my layers until only a thin shirt is left. I tear off a small piece and wrap it around her foot to keep it from bleeding or infecting. "That’s a bit better isn’t it?" I say, gently placing her foot on the ground.

"We have to get out of here Alaska. Are you okay if I give you a piggyback ride?"

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



I wrinkled my nose at Nalin as we took the room in. “Let’s get out of here.” I said, and he nodded in agreement. But the growls made my hair stand up on the back of my neck as we slowly turned around. 

My eyes widened at the dogs as we noticed them approaching. “Nalin…” I said slowly, looking down at them. The dog poop was all over the room and I knew if we slipped we’d be dead and gone. “Nice puppies,” I cooed, trying not to let my voice shake. "Good puppies… good puppies…" I fished in my bag for the lunchable and pulled out a couple pieces of processed ham, throwing it down to the stairs for the dogs to snap up. Maybe it’d work as some kind of distraction, I figured, as I held my machete up in defense.

A few pieces of ham? The dogs snap up the meat quickly and look back up at you, growling. Not only have you made them hungrier that they’ve tasted meat. They let out a sharp bark that echoes in the stairwell before the larger one leaps up after you. You slice it on the back as it attacks but it still gets a good bite around your ankle. The female is close behind.

RP this fight out until you either beat the dogs or find a way to escape.

I watch as Alaska tries to tame the dogs with a few bits of meat. I think it almost works when a growl erupts from the dogs and one of them jumps up and grabs Alaska by the ankle. She got a good slice on the dog, but she still was in pain, so I jumped into action. No one was going to hurt Alaska and get away with it.

I swing the sledgehammer towards the dog, which causes him to let go of her ankle. I push Alaska backwards before kicking the dog down the stairs. He lands at the bottom, dazed but ready for the attack again. I focus on the second dog and decide my plan of attack. I jump on the banister and slid down, my feet planting on the ground just behind the female. I grab its tail and drag it around me so that she hits her partner.

They barrel down the rest of the staircase and I follow them quickly to cut them off from the top level. Before they could recuperate, I am on one of the dogs, sticking my wooden stake into its eye. She howled and ran away from me, running into the wall repeatedly. 

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2



"Guess so. I miss the sunshine, I gotta say." I paused, pulling my hat down over my head and giggling. "And the warmth. Oh gosh, no snakes, please!"

I nodded, standing while Nalin and I gathered our supplies and got ready to head out again. Stepping from the house, we had the choice to go toward the spider house or to the one we skipped. “Let’s give 8 a try?” I suggested, turning to the left and creeping up to the house, slowly pushing the door open. 

You slowly walk into the house and are met with a funky smell, although you’re not sure what it is. You walk into the foyer and peer up the stairs into the darkness. You flick on a light and find that it works. There’s torn up furniture in the living room, stuffing strewn about. But the house is silent. You walk in cautiously, looking for something that could benefit you. A giant spider wasn’t much to deal with… you two could fight anything right?

Do you proceed in, hoping to find something useful instead of something unpleasant?

We left our little safe haven and proceeded to house number 8. When Alaska pushed open the door a stench hit me like a brick wall. It reminded me of the other house, where after a nasty smell we were met with a giant spider. However, there might be something useful here too.

The living room looks like it was destroyed by an angry puppy or an army of them. Stuffing litters the floor and I pick some up. “Kinda looks like snow, eh?” I throw it up and the air and it slowly descends. I smile, reminded that with darkness, there’s always light. “I guess we’ll try upstairs, since going down didn’t quite work out last time.”

I prod Alaska forward, pushing her towards stairs. I get in front of her and slowly ascend my hammer at the ready.

And So Our Journey Continues… || Nalaska || Arena Day 2


I woke up in the morning curled against Nalin’s chest. It was an odd feeling but in the arena it was nice to have someone there, next to you, knowing their closeness. I smiled a little as I sat up, stretching and yawning. 

"Mornin’," I murmured, immediately reaching for the pack to calm my noisy stomach with a tasty apple. "Glad to see you alive. We should probably get movin’ again soon, we don’t want to be borin’. No more spiders, please and thank you," I added the last part a little louder, looking for a camera. I could just picture the Capitol citizens having a good chuckle at that.

It felt like seconds between my eyes closing and feeling Alaska stir. I opened my eyes to see that Alaska was lying on my chest with my arm wrapped around her. It was nice to have someone there to remind me that this wasn’t all a dream.

She sat up and started munching on an apple. “Morning, Alaska.” I looked out the window to see no sunlight at all. “Or afternoon, or evening. I guess we’re sunless in this arena.” I chuckle. “It’s nice to see you didn’t beat me in your sleep.” I slipped out of the sleeping bag, happy to have some warmth from our outfits.

"Yep, we should probably scoot out of here." I peeled open a banana and tore off a piece before plopping it in my mouth. "I suppose another house right? Maybe this time it’ll be a snake," I joke.

Allies with you: Alaska

Weapons in your possession: Sledgehammer, Wooden Stake

Packs/items in your possession: A piece of celery

Injuries Acquired: None

Location in the arena: Living Room of House #9